Media Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Pacific Title Archives' preservation facilities achieve the standards of the highest quality and are environmentally controlled in high security buildings providing ideal storage conditions for film, video, audio and optical Digital Assets. The tools we provide assist in the re-purposing of the assets and their enhanced restoration and media conversions.

Climate Preservation for Digital Assets:

We are one of the few storage facilities who provide large scale Preservation Storage in two components. One of our normal preservation methods is known as ("Ambient") which provides an environment of 65 degrees Fahrenheit, 50% Relative Humidity. The second component we call it "Cold" Storage, where elements are kept at a constant 45 degrees Fahrenheit, 25% Relative Humidity. More information concerning Film & Video Tape Storage >>

Film, Video & Audio Inspection & Preservation for Digital Assets:

Detailed reports are provided to ensure quality care and handling. We also provide conversions from one media to another.

Digital Assets Archiving

The following broad categories of digital asset management systems are offered:

  • Brand asset management systems consultative services, with a focus on facilitation of content re-use within large organizations. Here the content is largely marketing- or sales-related, for example, product imagery, logos, marketing collateral or fonts, to give a few examples.
  • Library asset management systems, with a focus on storage and retrieval of large amounts of infrequently changing Digital Assets, for example in video or photo archiving.
  • Production asset management systems, with a focus on storage, organization and revision control of frequently changing digital assets, for example in digital media production.
  • Digital supply chain services, pushing digital content out to digital retailers (e.g. music, videos and games).

Business Asset Management

Pacific Title Archives has been digitally storing scripts, payroll records, contracts and other important business records for our motion picture, television and music industry clientele for decades. We also store important records for the following vertical markets.

- Accounting Firms

- Law Firms

- Consulting Firms

- Business Management Firms

We will assist you in the management of your digital asset management, providing reports, on-line access and rapid delivery of all business records.

Please contact us to begin storing your business media.

Document Scanning & Imaging

We work with you to develop a scalable and efficient digital document management processes for your respective organization or the specific project. The processes are designed to capture, archive, search and retrieve information from multiple venues within your organization.

The utilization of the Pacific Title Archives Document Scanning and Imaging Services allows for the client to swiftly convert their information into digital assets for secure access. In the end, this is instrumental in the reduction of operating costs and produces a ROI.

Please contact us to start the scanning and imaging process now.