Pacific Title Archives is committed to providing an unmatched level of personal service to the motion picture film, television, recording and multimedia entertainment industries. The preservation, care and protection of important video, audio, motion picture film, records, digital media and other media assets remain our primary function and concern.

In the course of the progressive multi-media development in the film, television and recording industries it has become more and more important to administrate and monetize multimedia contents, inclusive of film, tapes, recording files, pictures, audios and videos. In the financial world the asset management describes the administration of assets.

The media asset management process at Pacific Title Archives is designed for us to work in conjunction with the client as a partner in the identification, management, monetization and preservation of their media assets for optimal utilization. Here at Pacific Title Archives, the target of the media asset management process is to facilitate an effective and efficient management of multimedia formats and to achieve an economic benefit and competitive advantages for our respective clients.

  • Brand asset management systems consultative services.
  • Library asset management systems
  • Production asset management systems
  • Digital supply chain services, pushing digital content out to digital retailers
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Pacific Title Archives offers full curation services, allowing us to assist you in the critical process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to your company or industry.
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We are one of the few vendors who provide large scale Archival Storage in two components. Our normal archival storage ("Ambient") provides an environment of 65 degrees Fahrenheit, 50% Relative Humidity. The second component is referred to as "Cold" Storage, is where elements are kept at a constant 45 degrees Fahrenheit, 25% Relative Humidity.

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Pacific Title Archives has been an integral component of the entertainment industry since its founding in 1935. We have always been and are more than ever, fully committed to providing an extraordinarily high level of personal service to the motion picture film, television, recording and multimedia entertainment industries. Read more »