Cold Storage Vaults

Climate Preservation
One of the Largest Cold Storage Facilities in North America

Achieving the standards of the highest quality, Pacific Title Archives' preservation facilities are environmentally controlled in high security buildings providing ideal storage conditions for film, video, audio and optical media assets. We provide a number of tools that assist in the re-purposing of the assets and their enhanced restoration and media conversions.

Although most media asset management firms provide temperature-controlled facilities, very few possess a specialized preservation storage facility. We have two geographically separated preservation storage facilities on site, and are one of only a few archives in the United States who provide this type of large-scale, long-term Preservation Storage. Every item at Pacific Title Archives is stored and preserved within our environmentally controlled, high security buildings.

Our Standard Storage (Ambient Storage) is perfect for medium-term storage, and provides an environment of 65 degrees Fahrenheit, 50% Relative Humidity. Our Preservation Storage (Cold Storage) is best for long-term preservation, where stored items are kept at a constant 45 degrees Fahrenheit, 25% Relative Humidity. Both storage environments utilize sophisticated technology to maintain specific temperature and humidity levels.

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