Film and Video Tape Storage

Film & Video Tape Storage

"...all media has potential value, if not financially, at least academically, and historically."

Our standard storage environment is perfect for medium term storage of motion picture film, video and audio magnetic tape, optical media and business records.

Maintaining a constant temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity at 35% with only a 10% variation insures that your magnetic tape and film elements are well within most manufacturers' recommended short to medium term storage conditions.

Most of our customers opt for this type of storage not only because it is economical but also because it is rapidly accessible and does not require the environmental conditioning period that Preservation Storage requires. Generally, most production elements such as positive trims and outs, ADR recordings, productions sound elements, distribution prints, and all types of video tapes are housed under these conditions for periods up to 25 years without serious physical degradation. It is highly recommended that motion picture film intermediates such as Internegatives and Interpositives and all cut film negatives should be stored within the confines of our Preservation Storage Vault.

As with our Preservation Storage, you are given Internet access to our secure database free of charge where you can track, place orders, or print reports in a highly secure environment anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

If you require a specific storage quotation we will be more than happy to provide one for you free of charge with no obligation.

Please contact us to begin your Film & Video Tape Storage.