Open your account for Media Management

Open a Media Asset Management Account

Access Authorization   •   Customer Credit Information   •   Terms & Conditions Agreement

You must first print the Customer Credit Information Form. After printing, fill out the form completely being sure to have a company officer sign the bottom of the form.

Next, print the Terms and Conditions Agreement. A company officer should sign and date the end of the Agreement being sure to clearly print the name and title. Upon countersignature, we will return a photocopy of the fully executed document to you for your files.

Finally, print an Authorization for Access form. Type or neatly print the names of the individuals who will be allowed to place orders for the materials in storage and order services from us. Once each individual listed on the form has applied a signature, and a validation by the signature of a company officer has been applied to the bottom, it should be submitted along with the other forms.

Mail or deliver all forms to:

Pacific Title Archives

Attn: Ken Smith


Phone: 818-760-4223

10717 Vanowen St.
N. Hollywood, CA 91605

If you have any questions regarding the preceding forms please feel free to call (sales 818-760-4223) or contact us.