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About Pacific Title Archives

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Pacific Title Archives has been an integral component of the entertainment industry since its founding in 1935. The firm is privately held by the founding family and Peter Hubbard, the CEO, is a third generation family member and only the fourth CEO (all family members) to head Pacific Title Archives. We have always been and are more than ever, fully committed to providing an extraordinarily high level of personal service to the motion picture film, television, recording and multimedia entertainment industries.

The focus on superior client services, care and integration of innovation and technology are our staple to ensure the protection of all media assets for our client base.

The stability of our firm coupled with the fact that the tenure of our average employee is just shy of a quarter century has allowed us to fully implement client care and service as the number one tenet as technology constantly evolves. Here, at Pacific Title Archives, we have developed products and services that are aligned with technology as a resource to assist our clients in realizing the full financial potential of their elements. It is our constant goal to be proactive with our services and technology and not reactive. This is imperative for us in order to maintain our industry leading position in preservation technology and excellence.

In addition, we maintain a proprietary database system for the comprehensive client management of all media assets. All clients have the ability to manage their assets online, as well as any request for systems integration (SQL) to be facilitated. Clients can place orders from their respective desktops at work and / or home while managing their inventories at Pacific Title Archives. This in combination with our delivery service which ensures that frequent and / or infrequent pickup and delivery needs are fully addressed. Furthermore, access hours can be arranged for weekend and holiday requests, as well.

We have four convenient locations to best serve our client needs. These locations are respectively in Burbank, North Hollywood, and the Mid-Wilshire section of Los Angeles to ensure complete geographic client coverage and important geographic separation. All of our locations are environmentally controlled to provide ideal storage conditions to both motion picture film and videotape, inclusive of two locations with preservation “cold” storage units (45 degrees Fahrenheit, 25% relative humidity). Moreover, extensive security precautions have been implemented in all four locations, monitored by personnel and technological support.

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