Culling & Curation Services

Physical space concerns have always been an issue in the data industry. Whether we consider rooms piled high with physical document files, rolls of film, and company archives or data that is neatly digitized in the cloud, the fact remains that data needs to be carefully culled and curated. Physical data must contend with increased organizational challenges and the cost of square footage storage space. Meanwhile, even digital data is housed at a high electronic premium that makes frequent assessment and organization paramount.

What Is Culling and Curation?

Culling, by definition, is the essential practice of assessing your data collection and separating items that need to be kept from those that can be discarded. Curation is the process of organizing the data that is kept, ensuring that can be displayed, stored and managed in a way that best fits your organization’s needs. Curation turns data into intelligence.

Whether your files are physical or digital, Pacific Titles Archives can help you decide how to best manage your data in ways that are both logical and cost effective. Call us today to learn how we can help you to:

  • Identify which physical or digital documents are no longer needed and can be culled from your collection
  • Dispose of culled data in a safe and secure manner
  • Reduce the volume of physical or digital data and associated storage costs
  • Curate your physical or digital inventory according to the best-practice standards of your firm and/or industry
  • Discover important content, such as rare movie footage or critical documents previously uncategorized in your data collection
  • Implement an asset management system that helps you monetize that data.